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As for the guitar, and seen below, they too began and ended with Dan's initials.

However, in the case of the guitar necks the initials are reversed.

As stated earlier, it has all the features of a latter day Armstrong.

By mid to late 1971 Ampeg had closed down the production of the Dan Armstrong guitars and the news came as quite a shock to the employees on the production floor at Ampeg.

On the contrary, it looks rather scribbled in there.

Was this a particular neck picked out by an Ampeg employee with the initials ACF?

When asked about it all Dan replied "I decided to include my initials along with the serial numbers on the necks and if I remember correctly, we had a run of bass necks right away and so we used this numbering-lettering convention on them.

This instrument was getting close to the end of the production run in 1971.The neck with the serial number A2357D R seems rather unique, and Dan informed me that "any serial number followed by the letter R was a reject much like a Gibson factory second.It usually refers to some minor flaw in the cosmetics of the instrument".The serial numbers always ran consecutively, and according to Dan the actual production models "began with number 100." Using this information, the guitar neck numbered A204D is actually the 104th guitar off the standard production line.Apparently anything prior to A100D was some kind of prototype, or was made at a time prior to the actual production line.

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