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if(typeof(j Query)==”function”); jwplayer(‘jwplayer_h1j76cnv_Rbnem IYZ_div’).setup( ); Filed under: News, UFC You didn’t think you were going to get rid of Michael Bisping that easily, did you?Well think again, because as the former UFC middleweight champion explained after losing his title to Georges St-Pierre in Saturday’s pay-per-view main event at UFC 217 in New York, he’s not ready to retire yet.Not to be confused with the 70s Tokusatsu and 90s Anime Super Robot show of the same name, or the frozen pizza brand of the same name.

Of course, maybe the UFC won’t ask too much of the company man in his return to action.This may also be a sign that you're dealing with The Dreaded.While some fall into Only Known by Their Nickname, most of these characters regularly use their real names.He doesn’t necessarily have to fight a top middleweight if all he wants is to end on a high note.Then again, you have to reach pretty far down the middleweight ranks right now to find anyone who’s not a highly effective purveyor of violence.

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