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The sicko, who was just 10 when he tortured and murdered toddler James Bulger, was recalled to prison last week.Police found a haul of vile child abuse images on his computer in a routine check.He’s been warned repeatedly but thinks he’s untouchable.“He has had secret identities, costing ridiculous amounts of money and all at the cost of the taxpayer, and thinks he will continue to be protected.“And the sad thing is, he’s probably correct.”They added: “The images found were heinous.Earlier this week tragic James’ mum Denise blasted probation officials claiming she was “the last to know” that Venables had been returned to prison.She said it “proved what a vile, perverted psychopath he has always been”.He was originally jailed for life alongside 10-year-old classmate Robert Thompson for the abduction, torture and murder of two-year-old James in Bootle, Merseyside, in 1993.

On the other hand, the guys in the business school were surrounded my mostly other men in their classes.

Really terrible pictures of children in horrendous situations.“He knows he is subject to these regular checks and it’s like he couldn’t even be bothered to hide them. “When officers delved deeper they found he was a member of a well-known, well-used, dating site, used around the country.“What concerned them is him clearly trying to access women who have made no secret of the fact they have young children.“It raises the question of whether he was interested in the women, or whether he was trying to gain access to these little children.“We’ll never know his motive but it’s a chilling thought.” One single mum who uses the dating site – which we are not naming – said: “It makes you feel sick the thought of it. Having someone come into my life and more importantly into my son’s life is nerve racking enough, let alone if monsters like this are using it to look for victims.”Venables, now in his 30s, was detained after the child porn images were discovered at his home.

He is now on suicide watch on the sex offenders’ wing in the prison where he is being held.

He’s a cold-blooded killer and a pervert.”A Ministry of Justice spokesman refused to comment.

Students today are busier than ever, especially with more of them having to work to help pay for tuition.

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