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When Carrie returns home, she finds the bedroom television removed and Big gone.She passes an anxious day, at the end of which he returns.The girls happily accept, although Carrie is worried about the separation from Big and Charlotte is worried about leaving her husband alone with the nanny.Only Miranda, unfettered by a job for the first time in her life, is enthusiastic.While on a date with a handsome Dane, Samantha is arrested for public indecency after fondling him at a restaurant and making out with him on the beach.With the Sheikh's intervention, Samantha is released, but is left with a permanent police record.

The dinner is very enjoyable, with the two discussing old times.

Worse, the Sheikh decides to cancel the PR meeting and ceases paying for the remainder of the women's luxurious stay.

They are told they have 1 hour to either pay ,000 a night for the rest of their stay or leave.

Meanwhile, Samantha has been approached by an Arab sheikh to devise a PR campaign for his business.

He offers to fly her and her friends on an all-expenses-paid luxury vacation to Abu Dhabi.

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